2 Seat Peanut Garden Bench

Dimensions: (LxWxH) 130cm x 53cm x 86cm
Availability:2-3 Weeks
  • £265.00

2 Seat Peanut Garden Bench

Modern lifestyle has been hard on the gardening life. Taking care of the garden and maintaining it can be a bit time-consuming. However, this amazing solid teak bench can add beauty to the backyard. It offers a high-quality seating solution that is perfect for that backyard get away.

It's time to relax and enjoy your garden and the outdoors. And, there is no better way than with a peanut teak garden bench. This bench offers a unique shape and traditional slat backing that is the perfect touch to any garden.

Built from Grade A teak that can be oiled to remain in this new cut look or allow to age into a silvery finish. Teak is the ideal wood for outdoor use with this natural weathering properties. It comes in a pre-assembled fashion to save on shipping costs.

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