Peanut Scroll Chair

Dimensions: (LxWxH) 76cm x 53cm x 89cm
Availability:2-3 Weeks
  • £165.00

The peanut scroll chair sports a solid rounded top to add structure and design to the chair.  It's thick and solid grade A teak wood is perfect for adding a nice sturdy feel.  And the beautiful traditional slates will add just the right look for any garden.  Getting that sturdy piece with a hint of inviting casual look.
This chair is made of solid wood finish which contains natural oils.  These natural oils protect the wood from the harsh environments of the UK.  And help it maintain it's integrity for years to come.  If you enjoy the fresh new look that it arrives in, we suggest you oil the piece to keep it looking fresh.  Otherwise, let it age and shine with a beautiful silver tone.
This piece comes fully assembled.  We offer the best UK price guaranteed.

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